What makes an Irish Lodge Room?


Monday, 8th March at 19:00 (on Zoom)

Whether a dedicated space or something more shared and ephemeral, what makes a meeting space for a Lodge is both material and figurative.

It is thought that the Lodge meeting space was originally created with chalk, chairs and a few essential pieces of 'furniture'. Though many Lodges today have dedicated meeting spaces, in the past, the brethren had to create their own space, with every element carefully chosen, justifying its place. If a Lodge now were to go through this exercise, to create the meeting space within an otherwise empty room, at what point would it become a lodge?

Join the brethren of Oracle Lodge 1003 to discuss this and other speculative topics in Freemasonry.

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Oracle Lodge 1003 is a modern Irish masonic lodge with tradition at heart. Founded in 2003, its purpose has always been to practice pure Irish Craft Masonry to the highest standard, while at the same time exploring its history, meaning and wider context.

Oracle is a small lodge with a committed membership, that together explores all the riches Freemasonry has to offer through ritual, research and practice, but not forgetting the social and charitable aspects.

Oracle Lodge is always looking to build upon its solid foundation with a new and vibrant community of diverse and enthusiastic members. If this sounds like a lodge you would like to be a part of, please contact info@oraclelodge1003.net


Oracle Lodge 1003
Grand Lodge of Ireland
17-19 Freemasons Hall
Molesworth Street
Dublin D02 HK50